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Kraft Paper Rolls

  • Excellent for wrapping boxes, parts or for layering
  • A natural void fill
  • Made from 100% recycled material
  • Bio-degradable and easily recyclable

Country of Origin:
Made in USA.
Item NumberRoll WxLBasis WeightPrice
Q5624912"x1200'30 lb.
Q5625015"x1200'30 lb.
Q5625118"x1200'30 lb.
Q5625220"x1200'30 lb.
Q5625324"x1200'30 lb.
Q5625430"x1200'30 lb.
Q5625536"x1200'30 lb.
Q5625640"x1200'30 lb.
Q5625748"x1200'30 lb.
Q5625860"x1200'30 lb.
Q5625912"x900'40 lb.
Q5626015"x900'40 lb.
Q5626120"x900'40 lb.
Q5626240"x900'40 lb.
Q5626360"x900'40 lb.
Q5626412"x720'50 lb.
Q5626515"x720'50 lb.
Q5626618"x720'50 lb.
Q5626720'"x720'50 lb.
Q5626824"x720'50 lb.
Q5626930"x720'50 lb.
Q5627036"x720'50 lb.
Q5627140"x720'50 lb.
Q5627248"x720'50 lb.
Q5627360"x720'50 lb.
Q5627412"x600'60 lb.
Q5627515"x600'60 lb.
Q5627618"x600'60 lb.
Q5627720"x600'60 lb.
Q5627824"x600'60 lb.
Q5627930"x600'60 lb.
Q5628036"x600'60 lb.
Q5628140"x600'60 lb.
Q5628248"x600'60 lb.
Q5628360"x600'60 lb.
Q5628418"x475'75 lb.
Q5628524"x475'75 lb.
Q5628630"x475'75 lb.
Q5628736"x475'75 lb.
Q5628848"x475'75 lb.
Q5628960"x475'75 lb.

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