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COFFING Industrial-Duty Compact Electric Chain Hoists

Features a multiple disc motor brake, overload clutch, and chain end stop for safety.

  • Adjustable limit switches to regulate upper and lower load travel
  • Precision machined alloy steel gears run in oil bath for longer, quieter operation
  • Compact aluminum housing for portability and ease of installation
  • NEMA 3R push button control is ergonomically designed to fit operator’s hand for thumb or two-handed operation
  • CSA approved
  • Lifetime warranty

Duty Cycle:
Item NumberCap. Lbs.HeadroomMotor HPSpeed FPMMotor DescriptionPrice
Q2008250018"1/416115-volt, 1-phase
Q20085100018"1/216230/460-volt, 3-phase
Q20084100018"1/216115-volt, 1-phase
Q2008350018"1/416230/460-volt, 3-phase
Q20086100018"132230/460-volt, 3-phase
Q20087200018"116115-volt, 1-phase
Q20088200018"116230/460-volt, 3-phase
Q200894000213/4"18115-volt, 1-phase
Q200904000213/4"18230/460-volt, 3-phase
Q2009150018"1/416115-volt, 1-phase
Q2009250018"1/416230/460-volt, 3-phase
Q2009350018"1/232115-volt, 1-phase
Q2009450018"1/232230/460-volt, 3-phase
Q20095100018"1/216115-volt, 1-phase
Q20096100018"1/216230/460-volt, 3-phase
Q20097100018"132115-volt, 1-phase
Q20098100018"132230/460-volt, 3-phase
Q20099200018"116115-volt, 1-phase
Q20100200018"116230/460-volt, 3-phase
Q201014000213/4"18115-volt, 1-phase
Q201024000213/4"18230/460-volt, 3-phase
Q2010350018"1/416115-volt, 1-phase
Q2010450018"1/416230/460-volt, 3-phase
Q2010550018"1/232230/460-volt, 3-phase
Q20106100018"1/216115-volt, 1-phase
Q20107100018"1/216230/460-volt, 3-phase
Q20108100018"132230/460-volt, 3-phase
Q20109200018"116115-volt, 1-phase
Q20110200018"116230/460-volt, 3-phase
Q201114000213/4"16115-volt, 1-phase
Q206064000213/4"16230/460-volt, 3-phase

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